Into The Kitchens

Into The Kitchens Concepts

Into The Kitchens means Dentro Le Cucine in Italian.

Into The Kitchens is more than a place to have a casual meal amongst friends and loved ones; it’s a philosophy. The restaurant was founded on the belief that when one eats they should be offered a peak into the food’s preparation. Deeper than now-ubiquitous open kitchen concepts, going to Into The Kitchens means eating comfort food as it's made from family members by using carefully selected ingredients, traditional and innovative methods; it means ignoring trends or flashy buzzwords and focusing on good, affordable dishes in a relaxed, friendly environment.

Italy has 20 regions with different habits, culture, dialects and food; Into The Kitchens (Dentro Le Cucine), means going through different types of cuisine from Italy and not only; besides a family comfort food, presented in a fine way, we would like to bring to your table the food we love and we think you’ll love too.

​Who is Chef Ivan Barone?

Co-Founder and Head Chef, Ivan Barone learned to cook in his grandmothers’ kitchens in Italy. The descendant of three generations of cooks, his ancestors cooked large, celebratory meals for workers coming in from the fields after harvest. Before Chef Ivan embarked on to culinary school and some of the top kitchens around the world including the Shanghai Hyatt On The Bund, Park Hyatt Saigon and helping open ‘NAMO and L’Usine in Saigon, he had a belief that that the best food is comforting, made with one’s hands and comes from a family kitchen. One doesn’t need to use expensive or exotic ingredients when prepared with love.

When he first arrived in Vietnam Ivan noticed similarities between his native Italy and Vietnam in how regions within each nation both have their own specialties and styles and people love to share their food as if every table is a home’s dining room table. In the years here he has come to not only love Vietnamese cuisine but the many local, fresh ingredients. He incorporates them in his Italian and Western dishes, not to make fusion items but to impart some local flavours that integrate well with the recipes.

Ivan grew up sampling his family’s famous tomato sauce straight from the stovetop with a wooden spoon. The first time he tried it with a metal spoon, everything tasted wrong. Simply, sometimes the traditional methods have existed for hundreds of years for a reason. Therefore he has designed a hybrid brick oven that blends a traditional Italian BBQ with a Vietnamese rotisserie. The charcoal holds heat and flavours different than metal, which is obvious when trying any of Into the Kitchen’s many rotisserie meats including the signature rotisserie chicken.

Your experience at Into The Kitchens

The meals at Into the Kitchen aim to recreate the ones a loving parent would make in their home with a special flair in the presentation. A selection of carefully chosen local and imported ingredients prepared unpretentiously. The frequently changing menus look back to Ivan’s family kitchen and forward to the new thoughts and inspirations gained from traveling in Vietnam as well as favourite recipes shared by friends and fellow-chefs across Europe and America.